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  • Working together to create meaningful art.
  • "It was so far beyond what I had imagined, it took my breath away! Iris by Diamond Light is truly a beautiful gift that I will always cherish."
  • Carla has taken the time to test each tube of paint ensuring that her painting's colors will remain true.

Creating your vision in watercolor!


The Art of Carla uses the most archival paints and paper available for art that lasts generations.

Pricing for commissions is based on size at $6.00 per square inch with a thirty percent additional charge for portraiture. 

Cost of a painting.



Cost of a portrait or a painting with 2 people.

9x12”  (minimum)

108 sq.” x $6.00



All sizes in between



20 x 30” (maximum)

600 sq.” x $6.00



Additional expenses will include:  more subjects, taxes, travel and lodging (if needed), framing (if requested) and shipping.

Need more details or have questions?  Contact Carla.  She is willing to discuss options and work with you to fulfill your needs.

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