Archival giclees printed in St. Louis.

Giclée reproductions printed in St. Louis.

Iris Giclée Printing

The Iris Giclée (zhee-klay) prints offered by Art of Carla are the product of state-of-the art photography and cutting edge printing done in Missouri.  
First, a professional photographer digitally captured the beauty and color of Carla’s art through careful consultation with the original painting.  The printer then consulted the original painting and the digital images artfully adjusting his printer to create the most accurate and archival reproduction possible.   

Art of Carla offers both limited edition prints and smaller prints.


Limited Edition Giclée Prints 

"Iris by Diamond Light"
14" x 16"  $235


"Hands of Transformation"
20" x 16"  $358


  • Professional Photography 
  • Professional Iris Giclee Printing
  • Printed in St. Louis, MO
  • Archival Watercolor Paper
  • Archival Inks
  • Printing limited to 100 prints
  • Signed and numbered
  • Mounted on archival foam board
  • Encased in clear plastic
  • Certificate of authenticty
  • Artist bio sheet

Open Edition Giclée Prints

"Hands of Transformation"
Image in an 10" x 8" mat.  $49


"Hands of Grace"
Image in an 8" x 10" mat.  $39


  • Professional photography
  • Professional Iris Giclee printing
  • Archival watercolor paper
  • Archival inks
  • Printed in St. Louis, MO
  • White archival mat and backing
  • Encased in clear plastic
  • Artist bio
  • Wholesale pricing available





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